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Frederick Wildman & Sons, New York Upstate Wholesale division, prides itself as being the Distribution arm of the oldest Importers of Fine wines in the Country. Established in 1934, the commitment to selling family owned Estates has stood up to the test of time. Today, we are represented by 7 sales representatives and 1 manager. Our team’s knowledge of the marketplace and our clientele remains a constant in our success. We never rest on our laurels, always keeping an eye on the future at all times-New wines, new packaging, and new avenues to bring our message to the market-all with our clientele in mind. We currently sell wines from all the major wine growing regions of the world. Our team of well versed wine professionals scour the Upstate New York area servicing the best wine shops and fine restaurants. It is an honor to represent our winery partners and a privilege to service our retail and restaurant partners. We will continue to grow and adapt to whatever tomorrow brings. We also have one of the best Trucking Partners in the Industry across the full upstate market assuring multiple delivery days per week.

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